Dedicated to Kathy & Ralph, thank you for always welcoming the hackers.


Securi-Tay 2019 (#SecuriTay2019) was the 8th Securi-Tay, my 7th and the best one yet!

Congratulations to James, Sarah, Britney & Ross for running an outstanding conference and not having to postpone it.


I only managed to make it to two talks because I was hungover finishing my slides. Most of the talks were recorded and will be on YouTube, thanks to Cooper and his beautiful assistant Corey.

Obfuscating PDF Malware

My first talk of the day was Obfuscating PDF Malware: How I “nearly” created a FUD by Jonathan Ross. After a false start, we’ve all been there, it was a brilliant intro to all the dodgy stuff you can ram inside PDFs. Specifically, Javascript and how to obfuscate it with JSFuck.

Excellent intro to PDFs and very well explained, especially for that time in the morning.

Mobile Application Hardening

In the afternoon I made it to Grant Douglas & Nikola Cucakovic talking about Mobile Application Hardening. They started with a very well explained intro to reversing mobile apps, then moved on to simple and advanced code obfuscation techniques. There was a very interesting section on instrumenting apps with Frida were they gave a few examples of what it can do.

Really well presented talk which had something for everyone. Unfortunately it wasn’t recorded.


This years closing keynote was, me! I had my talk, ISIS Online: Junaid Hussain, accepted but about a week before I was asked if I would deliver it as the closing keynote.

Me with yellow sunglasses on, finishing my slides Finishing my slides on the day, as usual.

Thank you to the committee for trusting me to not fuck it up, the people who asked questions at the end and everyone who gave me feedback. It was an honour to close out Securi-Tay 2019 with my first keynote talk.

It wasn’t recorded and I wont be releasing the slides. If you’re interested, I’ve submitted to it a few other UK conferences and published a list of source material.

Finally, I highly recommend that you read this obituary of Chief Petty Office Shannon Kent.